The Bird That Nobody Sees

The sequel to the Bestselling novel Tollesbury Time Forever.

Although this novel is the second part of a Trilogy, it can still be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone work.

The fact that Rod Langford achieved classification as a midget by just half an inch did not sit well with him. It did not sit well with him at all. But when a washing machine literally falls from the back of a lorry at his feet, Rod wonders whether at last his luck is changing.

Some people though are just born unlucky; and it is a well known fact that when hope is taken away, a man may fall far indeed.

Can salvation come to Rod in the form of the locals from the pub around the corner? And what of his wife, Liz, who whilst working nights in the local supermarket, spends her time considering the benefits or otherwise of inserting poison into a variety of condiments?

Into the troubled lives of Rod and Liz Langford come the Eastern Region Angel Collective. But what, and who, are this mysterious organisation? Angels? Really?

Either way, it seems, somebody is going to get seriously hurt…

The Bird That Nobody Sees is a novel about friendship, hope and compassion – full of humour and intrigue and a continuation of the themes developed in Tollesbury Time Forever.

UK: Please click here

US: Please click here

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