A Cleansing of Souls

“A breathless literary experience…”, “An unforgettable book…”, “One of the most powerful books I have ever read…”

A Cleansing of Souls was written in 1991 when the author was just 22 years old and was his first full length work.

Michael Parrish woke up in bed with his sister, Jennifer. He was seventeen years old. She was fourteen and dead. There was a smell of dread in the air.

What do you honestly do at times like this?
What do you honestly do?

Well, Michael, he just grinned. And he kept on grinning. They took him away to the psychiatric hospital up on the hill. He was there for twenty-eight days; time enough, they thought, to get inside his head, his mind and his soul. But a thousand years would not have been enough – not for Michael Parrish.

So they let him go.
And he floats and he floats.

But time catches up with us all…

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